How Effective Employee Onboarding Can Make Or Break Your Company

Effective employee onboarding is the ultimate trend ruling over best HR practices in 2019; delivering good experiences is no longer a choice but in fact a dire need in order to keep your employees happy. A crucial piece of the puzzle to help new joiners easily adjust to the new workplace, research states that the first 90 days are most important to build a healthy rapport between new employees, co-workers and the company itself.

Wondering how the benefits of well planned employee onboarding extend beyond higher morale and motivation? Let’s find out:

1) Retain your top talent:

Considering all the time and resources that are invested into acquiring talent and training new joiners to become self sufficient within the company, their resignations a few months later are an undeniable loss for the business to bear.

With retention surfacing as a recurring challenge for employers, studies have concluded that up to 20% of turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment. This is why focusing on employee onboarding is mandatory to reduce employee turnover by ensuring that your new joiners are a precise fit for the company and its culture right from the get-go.

2) Amplify your employee engagement:

More often that not, employees suffering from a feeling of detachment struggle to build strong team dynamics. Incorporating strong employee-to-employee interactions allows your existing workforce to connect well with their new colleagues, and helps make the new joiners feel genuinely welcomed into the new organization.

By demonstrating strong adherence to core company values early on, the extra thought put into engaging talent makes the job change fun, educational and motivating for fresh employees.

3) Prioritize consistent knowledge sharing:

Empowering new employees with the knowledge and skills to perform well at their job, prioritizing onboarding as a pathway to nurturing talent pays off. Allowing everyone across the organization to have access to the same key resources and information, consistent knowledge sharing allows fair competition and consequently superior performance outcomes.

Enabling your employees to actively strive towards achieving strategic goals translates just not into accelerated business growth, but higher earnings too- every management’s dream and your competitor’s fears come to life basically.

4) Encourage communication without barriers:

It’s natural as a new joiner to have questions about the organization, team, etc. – and seeking answers can be intimidating. This is why great onboarding provides a well defined structure with access to resources and staff members capable of providing the right information. Allowing transparency and open communication, this is one of the reasons why onboarding programs have been shown to increase employee performance by up to 11%.

5) Maximize employee productivity:

Providing new employees with the support and equipment to excel is proven to positively impact their productivity. In fact, research has led to findings stating that organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54 percent greater new hire productivity. Feeling the motivation to perform efficiently, and exhibit their talent amongst their peers rooting for their success, the higher organizational commitment leads to supercharged employee efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

Employee onboarding is a crucial contributor towards helping businesses secure a profitable bottom line. Allowing companies to break free from costly hiring mistakes, retention problems and turnover losses, effective employee onboarding can transform your new employee experiences from average to outstanding.

Boosting talent’s satisfaction, performance, team synergy and commitment to excellence, open communication and knowledge sharing provides new joiners with a sense of direction and belonging that further drives improved motivation and morale.